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Renato Felix

Saxophonist, Composer and Arranger


     Renato Felix was born in Lorena (SP). He started his clarinet studies at the age of 15, playing in municipal bands in his hometown and region. A lover of instrumental music, especially classical music, he spent hours listening to LPs and cassette tapes of classical, baroque and romantic music and practiced his instrument for hours on end.

     In 1994 he played as a clarinetist in the Youth Orchestra of the "Fêgo Camargo" Conservatory in the city of Taubaté - SP.

     In 2000 he heard an album by the great North American saxophonist Charlie Parker and was enchanted by Jazz. As he was always eager to discover new horizons, he started listening to other musicians of that style, especially saxophonists such as John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Joe Hendenson, Dexter Gordon, among others. That's how he started his tenor saxophone studies with professor Rodrigues, from São José dos Campos - SP, saxophonist and co-maestro of "Metalmanera Big Band", orchestra led by trumpet player Chico Oliveira, musician of the famous "Sexteto do Jô Soares". Thanks to the teacher's influence and recommendation, he played saxophone in the referred orchestra, starting his trajectory in Jazz and MPB.

     As these are styles of total integration and interaction, new friendships were built throughout his career. He met other musicians in his region who shared the same musical taste, and then began to play with other musical formations such as trios, quartets, quintets, etc. 

 In 2007, he went to the city of São Paulo to study with professor Vítor Alcântara (saxophone/flute), with whom he is taught until today.

     Throughout his career, he participated in shows with renowned Brazilian and international musicians such as: Arthur Maia, Tom Bergeron, Márvio Ciribelli, Daniel d'Alcântara, Thaís Motta, Thiago Espírito Santo, among other artists.

     Renato always had the dream of performing a work with authorial songs and also with rereadings of compositions by renowned musicians from Brazil and abroad. And in the year 2018, he formed the "Renato Felix Quartet" (RF4). The new venture began with much enthusiasm and energy.

     From 2020 to 2022 (pandemic period), Renato took private lessons with professor Rodrigo Morte of Modal Harmony, Arrangement and Orchestration, which opened new horizons for him, greatly contributing in his compositions.

     Nowadays, Renato Felix also participates in several other musical projects in the Vale do Paraíba region and in the great São Paulo as a saxophonist and arranger.

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